Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shalom In Yeshua;

I am going to start sharing reviews on books I have read and bibles I own that I have found to be useful and helpful in my walk with Messiah.

I would like to highly recommend the following book, for anyone who is suffering from illness, depression or other issues in your life.  We have used this book as a class in our Congregation Beit MIdrash Tefillah Hallel and it has helped many people including myself.  

If you are struggling with the "Why's" of sickness and disease, this book will be a blessing to you.  It is loaded with Scripture and will encourage you that you do not have to put up with sickness and disease in your life.

Here is a quote from the book:"A More Excellent Way" Be in Health Henry W. Wright

   The true etiology of many diseases reveals an often
overlooked spiritual dimension. This dimension, more often than not, goes unaddressed by the afflicted, their health care providers and even their spiritual leaders.
All healing of spiritually rooted diseases begins with:
1. Your coming back in alignment with God, His Word, His person, His nature, His precepts and what He planned on this planet for you from the beginning. The solution is restoration.
2. Accepting YOURSELF in your relationship with God; getting rid of your self-hatred, getting rid of your self-bitterness, getting rid of your guilt and coming back in line with who you are in the Father through Yeshua Our Messiah.
3. Making peace with your brother, your sister and all others, if at all possible.
So, the beginning of all healing is restoration.
The Book is Available on and comes with Free DVD!  

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