Monday, April 10, 2017

Keeping Things in Perspective:

Passover reminds us that we are in a constant journey to reach the Promised Land. As we study the Torah we see that Israel was miraculously delivered so they could serve and worship God in freedom! However the journey would not be an easy one. The journey of faith is never easy but it is required for all those who serve God. 

We need to keep our trials in perspective, especially here in America. Right now our ministry and congregation is going through a test of having to move out of our building because of lack of finances. And yes like our ancestors we are now moving on in faith, knowing He has another place for us and He will provide, because He didn't call us to be Shepherds without a pasture to feed the sheep. 

 Yes it hurts when people leave you to go somewhere else, especially those you have invested yourself, your life and your love into. Every leader and disciple will be tested and tried, and before promotion, the we must endure the purging of His purification fires. 

When we see what believers suffer all over the world, especially under the hands of ISIS, who are dying for their faith, who are we to kavech/complain about a little inconvenience.

God is saying in your trials, do you trust me? Or are we believing the lies of the enemy as he whispers in our ears to give up! Or as he whispers in our ears that your leaders are not good enough, that you can do a better job, as Korach thought.

God has called us to be faithful to the call no matter what things may look like. In my 40 + years of serving Him, my Father has always been faithful in the storm. I refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy. I choose to believe God no matter what it looks like. 

 As a leader you need to hold on to the vision God has given you, no matter what it looks like. No matter if everyone deserts you, no matter if you feel His presence or hear His voice, or do not. HE IS FAITHFUL.
As leaders we are going to be tried in the fire so that after all the dross has been burned off, the only thing left is a heart to serve Him. 

I am encouraging other leaders out there, especially Pastors and Rabbis who faithfully serve their people and nobody knows who you are. You are not the "Well known Name' on the Internet, you are the faithful servant who only wants to obey God and serve. You are the ones who sacrifice financially so people have a place to worship, who give and give and many times get no thanks in return. You are the ones that have been tested through the fires, who know what it is like to be rejected and misunderstood, yet you continue to be faithful to the call even though, no one knows your name. You are the ones who's hearts break for your Congregation, but no one knows what you have gone through. 

The applause and praises of men are fleeting and many times fickle because the ones who are praising you one moment, the next day will turn and walk away. Our Messiah Yeshua knew this well, even in His darkest hour only a few stood with Him. But Yeshua forgave them because He knew they would return to fulfill what He had called them to do.

Yes as Pastors/Shepherds/Leaders/Rabbis, we are called to serve and not be served. We are called to be faithful to the vision God has given us, no matter what! In good times and in bad. It is when things are bad that we find out how committed we are to what He has called us to do.
Yes every believer will be tested in their walk so that what is hidden in their hearts will be revealed. Will we persevere with the vision and the call when everything looks like it is falling apart, or will we see through the eyes of faith/trust, that God is in control and He will make sure that what He has called us to do, He will provide a way, if we do not give up. 

To those of you who are a part of a Community. If God has called you to serve, then serve and be faithful. A plant can not grow if it is constantly being uprooted. Yes you will be tested in your faithfulness to serve and God knows how to promote you, but He promotes faithfulness not fickleness. You will be tested when the enemy whispers in your ears telling you that you are misunderstood, nobody here cares about you, nobody here cares about what you are called to do, nobody cares. Or are you going to be one who instead of doing your own thing and taking away form the local community, give your gifts that God has placed within you for the best of the Community? God knows how to promote you, but He is going to test your faithfulness to serve others first.
Jas 1:2 Regard it all as joy, my brothers, when you face various kinds of temptations;
Jas 1:3 for you know that the testing of your trust produces perseverance.
Jas 1:4 But let perseverance do its complete work; so that you may be complete and whole, lacking in nothing.
Jas 1:5 Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all generously and without reproach; and it will be given to him.
Jas 1:6 But let him ask in trust, doubting nothing; for the doubter is like a wave in the sea being tossed and driven by the wind.
Jas 1:7 Indeed that person should not think that he will receive anything from the Lord,
Jas 1:8 because he is double-minded, unstable in all his ways CJB
Every person who has come across our path has helped us to grow along the way and I hope that in some small way, we have helped those who came across our path as well. We will continue to be faithful with the assignment He has given us and continue to be thankful for those who have stuck with us through thick and thin, good times and bad. That is called Covenant Faithfulness. 

As Talmidim/Disciples of Yeshua, we constantly fight the battle of rejection, the battle to forgive, the battle to continue on even when we are still healing from the wounds. 

The question is, are we going to be faithful to where He has planted us? It is easy to walk away, anybody can do that. We see that example in marriage, it is easier to walk away then to make it work out. But the ones who refuse to give up, will be the ones who will see the fruit of faithfulness in this life and the world to come. God is calling us to faithfulness in all areas of our lives, whether the sun is shining, or we are walking in the midst of a storm.
[From The Heart]

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